The Flex APC Model



The flexAPC intelligent electronic control units utilize a new software development process based on Simulink® which significantly speeds algorithm development by using automatic code and documentation generation. Custom functions can be quickly and easily generated allowing you to develop your own upper level software and reduce your dependency on third party technology. Effectively you can greatly improve the integration of your APC function in your own terms.



The potential for extended functionality of the standard software is very high. With the basic software, and when calibrated with the special learn algorithms, the system can predict pressures, conductance, and gas throughputs in the downstream of the process chamber, to achieve optimum pressure control. For more adapted results the models developed in Simulink® and Stateflow® can be auto coded to produce your own executable embedded software, enabling the easy addition of new interaction and reactions. 



FlexAPC comes with a wide range of adaptable, field-ready intellectual property designed to accelerate your upper software development in the context of your MIMO control strategy. It can be adjusted for cell numbers and iterations per cell and is suitable for pure simulation environment or embedded environments. Intelligent scheduling for optimizing computational load between the unit main CPU and the dual DSPs enable a near unlimited number of computational options up to now reserved to non-real-time systems.